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I used to adore this video, and everything you guys made, back in my youth.

The other day I was playing Xenogears on my PsP and trying to catch up with the games I never finished from my childhood. You have no idea how many, many years I've gone without knowing "Thompsons Gazelle" is a reference to Xenogears. In fact the Gazel in general. Holy shit. Mind=Blown.

And this vid is still a classic years later. Love it guys. Miss you DisasterLabs.

To be redundant: Awesome

I haven't written a review in ages and I dusted off my account to say how sweet this 50 seconds of awesome is.


Well that was weird as shit. Some interesting music and some interesting art. But fucking weird nonetheless. I kinda enjoyed the story though.

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I haven't played something THAT fun in ages!
How did you know I always wanted to storm through the world as a badass Worm Monster eating Battlemechs, Cows and Treehuggers? I'm satisfied. No porn tonight, I blew a load all over my keyboard after level 6

Best Defense Game Yet

Aw man, I've been playing this non-stop for the last few days. I'm a Defense-Game addict, And I gotta say this is the most fun out of the bunch so far. From the actually helpful survivors (No Freeloaders Allowed!) to the large selection of unique weaponry, it's all there. I seriously hope you're considering a sequel.

Now, If anyones having trouble on this game (Which I doubt) my advice would be to spend your first cycle (All 12 hours) on looking for survivors. They shoot down zombies while you're reloading and the less time spent on barricades, the better. The next level has a cop that drops the revolver anyhow. Whenever you have full survivors, (Don't spend a full cycle looking for one more, of course) spend your full cycle looking for weaponry. If you don't know the weapon cheat (I don't) then you got alot of searching to do. Take note that even though the AK-47 is the last weapon you have shelf-space for, IT'S NOT THE LAST WEAPON. The Barrett M82A1 is, anyone who's played SOCOM will know it as the One-Shot Sniper Rifle, which it is in this game as well.

I only had about one or two day's to use the Barrett, but it's still alot of help in the last few levels. As the note says: Don't spend time over-barricading. Or just barricading at all, You should shoot down everything fast enough to reach your 'cades in the first place, just keep that trigger held down. And with the pistols rapid-fire is, in my case, more helpful than steady, well-aimed shots.

The third weapon you get is the Chainsaw, And I'd suggest going all-out to find it, 'Cause the game gets way easier once you have it, So always keep it as your alt weapon.

With the shotguns, Reloading is the key. Unload like a motherfucker and hit the R button whenever you have even a few seconds of breathing time: Even one shell helps, 'Cause you're gonna have to use alot of chainsaw if that thing ever goes empty.

Yeah, That's all I got. Great game, I can't think of how it could be better without an awesome soundtrack or 2-player. 5/5.

Good, but Flawed

I really liked the game, Except I have two major complaints. The first being the screen shake with the gunshots. I dunno what that's there for, realism or to balance out the game, but it's annoying and screws up my shot. The games somewhat hard, You gotta UNLOAD on the zombies in the first few levels, break your mouse button in if it's new, srsly you gotta shoot fast, and alot. Once you got an SMG it's a bit easier, except there seems to be some accuracy fall-off because reguardless where I aim I can unload full clips on thin air and have my base get raped up the ass for it. The magnums are a waste of exp. The Gatling Guns + Marathon Man can really save your ass if you can manage to push the hordes back systematically. And the Shotgun's best for base-defense, when it's getting raped. I'd suggest dropping Bloodlust some 500 points, I managed to save up for it early on but ended up getting raped again 'cause I hadn't managed to get the XP for any other weapon than the first SMG, which are useless on those crab-demon thingy's.

NOW... All of this would be a moot arguement if the Save function simply let me start at the UPGRADE SHOP. What freaking good does continuing do if it acts more like a restart button?! I need better equipment if I died, Obviously. Rather, it should say "Would you like to be raped some more? Y/N"

Anyways, I'm going to start over waaayyy back at the freaking beginning, 'cause I can't pass this level 'cause I spent my points on bloodlust. Godamnit. Good game, Now make a sequel and balance it this time.

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Damn man, You always make the best songs. But really, Whatsup with the homosexuality? O_o

Lmfao, How the hell is it you haven't been signed onto some major label yet. XD

I'm a semi-decent sprite artist and webcomic author with some half-assed flash skills. I'm 17 and I like counterstrike, trickster online, metalocalypse and... of course making movie's and comics and that junk. Nice to meet'cha.

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